Professor Karl-Crabbe

He is an older Kindly Professor from Miskatonic University


Karl Crabbe is an elderly college professor. He wheres think brown horn rimmed glasses, a tan tweed jacket with deep brown elbow patches. A greenish grey v neck sweater. He has neat trimmed grey beard. and is balding.


Karl Crabbe was once one of the most respected Archaeology professors in the world. Articles in the New Yorker touted him as the real life Indianna Jones.

His reputation was shattered when he professed he had found Atlantis and could prove that man did in fact live in Pre-History. When the theory was unable to be proved he lost much of his credibility in the community. He was also accused of being a Grave Robber by the Chinese Government and is now not allowed to move around the world like he used to.

He took several students under his wing. Including Lydia West and Maya Castillo.

Professor Karl-Crabbe

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